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Manifesto for a New American Liberalism

9 June 2017 –

In an essay for a forthcoming volume to be edited by Benjamin Powell, McCloskey makes “the case for a new and humane American ‘libertarianism.’”

“I want you to become less self-satisfied in your progressivism or your conservatism or even your amiable middle-of-the-road-ism. I want you to realize that they all depend to a greater or lesser degree on an exercise of the monopoly of violence. I want you to admire sweet talk, liberal rhetoric, peaceful exchange. I want you above all to become much less certain than you are now that The Problem is ‘capitalism’ or the Enlightenment, or that liberty can be Taken Too Far, or that government programs, protections, regulations, and prohibitions are usually innocent exercises by wise bureaucrats to better the lives of Americans.”

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