Conference presentation by Kolos Csaba ÁGOSTON at the KOI2018

New formulations for college admission problem with common quotas was presented by Kolos Csaba ÁGOSTON at The International Conference on Operational Research (KOI) 2018.  

Conference presentation by Ágnes CSEH at the Frontiers of Market Design conference

Organizing Time Banks: Lessons from Matching Markets was presented by Ágnes CSEH at the Frontiers of Market Design conference.

Conference presentation by Márton GYETVAI at the KOI 2018

“Joint optimization of transition rules and premiums in a Bonus-Malus system” was presented by Márton GYETVAI at  The International Conference on Operational Research (KOI) 2018.

Project grant on matching applications

MTA Cooperation of Excellences Programme: Heuristic problem solving in matching mechanisms The MTA KRTK KTI Mechanism design research group has received 40,000k HUF grant ...   Details »

Journal article by Imre FERTŐ and Stefan BOJNEC in Agricultural Economics – Zemeldska Ekonomika

Drivers of the duration of comparative advantage in the European Union’s agri-food exports by Imre FERTŐ and Stefan Bojnec was published in Agricultural Economics – ...   Details »

Journal article by Péter BIRÓ [et al.] in Games and Economic Behavior

The stable fixtures problem with payments by Péter BIRÓ, Walter Kern, Danial Paulusma and Péter Wojuteczky was publiched in Games and Economic Behavior. Abstract We ...   Details »

Paper by Imre FERTŐ and Stefan BOJNEC in German Journal of Agricultural Economics

Economic Crisis and the Fragility of Comparative Advantage in European Agriculture – paper by Imre FERTŐ and Stefan BOJNEC in German Journal of Agricultural Economics ...   Details »

Poster by Tamás HAJDU at the British Society for Population Studies (BSPS) 2018 Conference

The poster: The effect of temperature shocks on health at birth: evidence from Hungary was presented by Tamás HAJDU and Gábor HAJDU at the British ...   Details »

Conference presentation by Attila HAVAS at the 30 th Annual EAEPE Conference

“Devising research infrastructure policies: The relevance of prospective analyses and participatory processes” was presented by Attila HAVAS at the 30th Annual EAEPE Conference, Evolutionary ...   Details »

Conference presentation by Magdolna SASS at the 5th AIB-CEE Chapter Conference

Post-transition multinationals was presented by Magdolna SASS at the 5th AIB-CEE Chapter Conference.

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