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Judit Kálmán

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Judit Kálmán joined HAS Institute of Economics in April 2009 as research fellow. Her current research project is on political economic aspect in EU Structural Funds allocation through the Hungarian case, which is conducted with funding received through the 9th Regional research Competition of the Global Development Network. Judit’s primary research interests are in political economy, public finance, governance, policy evaluation, she is interested in applying these to several public policy fields.

Judit received her PhD in Political Science from the Central European University (Political Economy and Public Policy tracks) in 2008. Her dissertation titled: Some Political Economy Insights to Multi-Level Government Financing Mechanisms in Hungary – Analysis of political budget cycles and partisanship in municipal investment activities and central grant distribution. Earlier in Public Administration the Maxwell School in Syracuse, NY, USA in 1999/2000. Apart from academic and research activities Judit has been  working for over 10 years as consultant or trainer on public finance, infrastructure finances, regional development and subnational financial management issues, in several USAID or World Bank technical assistance projects in Hungary and internationally. She was involved in several different types of political-related activities, such as analyzing the intergovernmental transfer system in Hungary, designing and teaching a training program for municipal finance officers, evaluating 10 years of fiscal decentralization reforms overall in Hungary or surveying local governance practices, writing on agglomeration and urbanization trends etc.

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