Firms, Strategy and Performance

Unit director



Dávid László research assistant (email)
Hajnalka Katona research assistant (email)

Research focus

The research group analyses the nature and causes of firm heterogeneity observable within each industry and country. It focuses on the relationship of this heterogeneity with industry and macro level measures of competitiveness such as productivity, innovation and growth. To this end, the group will create a database containing information on the resources and strategies of firms on the one hand, and productivity, markups and other measures of performance on the other. It will analyze in detail pricing and production decisions and their relationship with firm dynamics and performance. Additionally, it will consider the economic geography aspects of firms’ location with a special interest in urbanization and local
business environment. The research will link firm-level analysis with models describing the behavior of whole industries and economies in order to understand better the role of these firm-level patterns and growth.

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