Fertő, Imre

director, research advisor

Fertő, Imre

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Occupation: director, research advisor


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Agricultural Economics and Rural Development

Research fields

agricultural economics

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Imre Fertő is a research advisor at the Institute of Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest where he has been working since 1992. Since 2016 he is the director of the Institute. He is also professor at the Kaposvár University and the Corvinus University of Budapest. He graduated at the Corvinus (then Karl Marx) University of Budapest in 1989. He received his Ph.D. in economics at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1996, and Ph.D. in agricultural economics at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in 2005 and DSc. in economics at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 2007. Recently, his research focuses on international trade and price transmission, production efficiency, vertical coordination along food chain. He published numerous articles in various international journal including World Economy, Journal of Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness, Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, Eastern European Economics, Post Communist Economies, Applied Economics, Applied Economics Letters, Economics Letters, China Economic Review, Food Policy, Industrial Data Management Systems, Journal of Computer Information Systems, Journal of Dairy Sciences. He has participated in numerous international research projects sponsored by the Commission of the European Union, the World Bank and the bilateral research programme within framework of Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He is also member of editorial board of various journals including: Industrial Data Management Systems, Agricultural and Food Economics, International Journal of Sustainable Economy, Danube Law and Economics Review, Society and Economy. He is a member of executive board of the European Association of Agricultural Economists. He is member of the scientific advisory board of the Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition countries.

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