Elekes, Zoltán

research fellow

Elekes, Zoltán

research fellow


Research group

Agglomeration and Social Networking


Short professional bio

Zoltán Elekes is engaged in research and teaching since 2012, where he aims to combine a regional science perspective with the tools of network science.  He holds a summa cum laude PhD in economics from the Doctoral School of Economics, University of Szeged, Hungary since 2018. In his thesis he studied the role of import and multinational enterprises in the economic diversification of microregions.

He conducts his research at the Agglomeration and Social Networks Research Lab of the Centre for Economic and Regional Studies in Hungary since 2017 as a junior research fellow. Since 2019 he also works at the Department of Geography and CERUM, Umeå University as a senior research assistant. Previously he was a doctoral student, lecturer and assistant professor at the Institute of Economics and Economic Development, University of Szeged, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. He has published in leading field journals including Regional Studies and European Planning Studies. He has refereed for Economic Geography and Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice among others. He is the 2019 recipient of the Excellent Young Regional Scientist Award of the Hungarian Regional Science Association, the Hungarian section of ERSA. In 2019 he participated in policy consultation, advising the Västernorrland region of Sweden on regional economic development.

He has experience in teaching Micro- and Macroeconomics, Regional Economics, Local Economic Development, Knowledge Networks in Business and Network and Spatial Analysis for undergraduates.

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