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THE HUNGARIAN LABOUR MARKET 2016 Blaskó Zsuzsa, Fazekas Károly

The Hungarian Labour Market Yearbook furnishes the pre­sent-day characteristics of the Hungarian labour market and of the Hungar­ian employment policy, and features an in-depth analysis of a topical issue each year. The editorial board has striven to deliver relevant and use­ful information on trends in the Hungarian labour market, the legislative and institutional background of employment policy, and up-to-date findings from Hungarian and international research studies to civil servants, staff of the Em­ployment Service, municipalities, NGOs, public administration offices, educa­tion and research institutions, the press and electronic media. The yearbook series presents the main characteristics and trends of the Hungarian labour market in an international comparison us­ing available statistical information, conceptual research and empirical analysis in a clearly structured and easily accessible format. Continuing our previous editorial practice, we selected an area that we con­sidered especially important from the perspective of understanding Hungar­ian labour market trends and the effectiveness of evidence-based employment policy. In 2015, In Focus addresses the issue of international migration.

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